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Miodrag Ristić

Miodrag Ristić was born in Sarajevo, in 1952.
He graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in 1978.
He has been a member of ULUS since 1982.
He has participated in many colonies in the country and abroad.
Lives and works in Belgrade, SerbiaSvetozar Markovic 10

Phone 381 11/32 38 563 Mob 381 64 224 9972


1990. Helija-D Gallery, Bačka Palanka
1991. National Museum Kragujevac, Little Art Salon, Kragujevac
1999. Zvono Gallery, Belgrade
2003. Modern Gallery, Lazarevac
2014. Otklon Gallery, Belgrade
2015. Art Salon, Cultural Centre, Novi Sad
2015. Contemporary Art Gallery, Pančevo
2015. Art55 Gallery, Niš
2015. Gallery of the Cultural Centre “Laza Kostić”, Sombor
2017. Gallery of the Museum “Horeum Margi Ravno”, Ćuprija
2017. Zepter Museum, Belgrade
2018. ULUS Gallery, Belgrade
2019. Gallery B2, Belgrade



1979. Drawing and Small Plastic Art, Belgrade
1980. International Biennale Festival of Portraits, Graphics and Drawing, Tuzla
1981. 2nd Triennial, Wroclaw, Poland
1982. New Members of ULUS-a, Belgrade
1982. 23rd October Salon, Belgrade
1982. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
1983. 24th October Salon, Belgrade
1985. Drawing and Small Plastic Art, Belgrade
1986. Drawing and Small Plastic Art, Belgrade
1986. Portrait in Drawing, Gallery KNU, Belgrade
1987. Plastic Art, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art MSU, Belgrade
1987. 28th October Salon, Belgrade
1988. Drawing and Small Plastics, Belgrade
1989. Drawing and Small Plastics, Belgrade
1990. 31st October Salon, Belgrade
1990. Autumn Exhibition, Belgrade
1991. 32nd October Salon, Belgrade
1992. Drawing and Small Plastics, Belgrade
1992. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
1993. 34th October Salon, Belgrade
1993. Center for Contemporary Art, Prilep, Macedonia
1995. 36th October Salon, Belgrade
1996. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
1996. 37th October Salon, Belgrade
1997. Cultural Centre Gallery, Rača
1998. Space between the Painting and the Sculpture, Belgrade
1998. Gallery Mihelič, Ptuj, Sovenija
1999. Šumatovačka Art School 1949-1999., Belgrade
2000. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
2000. Belgrade Salon, Belgrade
2001. 34th Herceg Novi Winter Salon, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
2002. V Spring Annals, Čačak
2002. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
2002. Collage and Assemblage, Belgrade
2014. Art Autumn, Sombor
2015. Autumn Exhibition, Belgrade
2016. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
2016. Autumn Exhibition, Belgrade
2017. ULUS Selection, Belgrade
2017. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
2017. NLB Bank Gallery ULUS, Skoplje, Mace
2017. Salon in October,Belgrade
2017. Autumn Exhibition, Belgrade
2018. Zepter Museum Acquisitions, Belgrade
2018. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade
2018. Autumn Exhibition, Belgrade
2019. Spring Exhibition, Belgrade



V Spring Annals 2001, Čačak


His works are part of many private and museum collections in the country and abroad:

Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
Zepter Museum, Belgrade
Modern Gallery, Lazarevac
Contemporary Gallery, Pančevo,
Cultural Centre, Sombor
Center for Contemporary art, Prilep, Macedonia